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Issue #57  |  October 2016  |  Travel Journal: Canadian Rockies

As travelers, technologists, and trend watchers, our team spots interesting stuff inside the studio and around the world. Here's our curated list this week.

Our thoughts are with our clients in Florida and the Carolinas post Hurricane Matthew.
Apple Watch

Suddenly the Apple Watch is Relevant to hospitality

By Brittany: Danny Meyers, founder of Shake Shack and famed Union Square Cafe, will integrate the Apple Watch into front-of-house service by equipping hosts, sommeliers and managers with the watches. The claim is that it will eliminate the free-standing host computer. Kudos, Danny, for single-handedly making the Apple Watch relevant–we hope. Next week: we discuss the release of the Google phone. More ➜
Drone Surfing

Drone Surfing: Not the Next Golf

By Chumley: We're not recommending any of our clients begin programming this. It's just for fun. More ➜
Miller Lite

The Great Debate: How Beer Marketers Reach Millennials

By Hayden: Two approaches to beer marketing: One takes a high/low pop art address to a Brooklyn/craft audience and an alternative takes a politics-as-ironic-entertainment route. Both aim at a buzzy, digital, Millennial audiences—each is successful in its own way. More ➜
Google 360 Products

Google Insight At a Hefty Cost

By Leighton: Google 360's message is that more data is not the answer–more insight is. Google reveals how they have architected their products for programmatic buying and threats from rising paid social media giants Facebook, et al.. Your organization just needs to find $150,000 for the license. More ➜
Lake Louise

Travel Journal: Malin
Canada, Banff & Jasper NP

From the fringes of the Great Plains and ending deep in the Canadian Rockies, the road to Jasper National Park via Calgary and Banff NP is listed as one of Nat Geo’s "Drives of a Lifetime." Believe me, it is certainly deserving of the hype. But the area has more to offer than its dreamy views - 5 vacation days, 1 grizzly bear sighting, 27 miles of trail hiking, 1 rainstorm, 3 lakes for canoeing, 6,670 ft elevation gain, 8 hours of glacial walking, and countless photos later (yes, reluctant to say a few selfies as well), I can confidently say I'll be back. The siren song of nearby neighbor and skiing destination, Revelstoke Mountain, has me thinking winter months next time.
My Brother's Keeper Mentoring

Are You Not Entertained? Marketing by Maximus

By Malin: Two powerful reminders your brand's formal voice needs fresh fan content. Mentoring organization My Brother's Keeper team up with Obama and Steph Curry for some light-hearted banter on their shared passion for basketball, and the Ryder’s Cup promotes the impromptu storyline of an unlikely golf legend-of-the-moment.
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