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Issue #58  |  Halloween 2016  |  Travel Journal: Haunted Hill

As travelers, technologists and trend watchers, our team spots interesting stuff inside the studio and around the world. Here's our curated list this week.
Restoration Hardware

New Hotels as Furnishing Brand Showrooms: Restoration Hardware & West Elm

By LC: As luxury retail brands like Restoration Hardware move into the boutique hotel game, what does that mean for independent properties? This trend raises the stakes for interior design and adds pressure to make your guest experience "shoppable." Restoration Hardware starts with a NYC property. West Elm's collection will spread across the map with fashionable, stay–able showrooms in Savannah, Charlotte, Minneapolis and more. These competitors are coming to a city or market near you—and faster than you think. Ten other cities are "on the drawing board."
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Burger King Halloween

In the World of Fast Food Burgers, Halloween is Scary Stuff

By Malin: A Burger King location in Queens, New York has a lock on best restaurant Halloween costume of 2016 after it dressed up as the ghost of McDonald's—covering itself in billowing white sheets and trolling its rival with a special sign that read: "Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween." Some on social media have called the prank "a level of pettiness once unheard of." What's your take? More ➜
Marriott Hotels

Opinion: Is that really the best you can do, Marriott?

By Chumley: Disappearing are the days of the traditional commercial—one where it interrupts the viewer's experience. Now Marriott has created Marriott Studios with a Kardashian–like foray into faux travel programming—for the upscale JR Marriott brand. Without a publishing distribution deal, it feels like a 1990s infomercial destined for HSN. Begs the question: who exactly is their target audience? More ➜
RIP Vine

RIP Vine, Long Live Live Video

By Hayden: With the announcement that Twitter will shutter Vine, content creators should consider the decline of static video platforms. A single Vine contained the same few seconds of video on continuous loop: the rise of platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live suggest that by–the–moment content is more valuable to users than clips that live forever, but age out, and lose their relevancy. Vine will continue to host videos in a kind of museum though. Fitting as that's already how it worked. More ➜
Beacon Hill

Travel Journal: Haunted Hill
Halloween in Bespoke Boston’s Backyard

As one of America's oldest neighborhoods, Boston's Beacon Hill is a wildly popular destination for Halloween. Six blocks are closed to cars and are filled with ghosts, goblins and Secret Service agents (Secretary of State Kerry lives on the Hill). Every townhouse gets a mad one–day makeover. It's worth the trip.
Sleeping Baby Costume

Unique Content, Via Sleeping Babies

By Nirmal: Instagram user (and now, interesting lifestyle photographer) @lauraiz takes hilarious photos of her 4–month–old daughter, Joey Marie Choi, dressed in costumes while she naps peacefully. The outfits and props are mostly references to pop culture icons like Jon Snow, Pikachu and BeyoncĂ©, as well as movies and TV shows like "Stranger Things" and "Star Wars." More ➜