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Issue #59  |  Dec 2016  |  Travel Journal: Bespoke 2016 year in review

As travelers, technologists, and trend watchers, our team spots interesting stuff inside the studio and around the world. Here's our curated list this week.
Apple Watch

2016 Review: "Search" Edition

By Malin: We all use Google products and tools on a daily basis and Google is one of the most aggressive aggregators of personal data. The fascinating flipside of that personal data collection is insight into how individuals create collective trends on a global scale. Take a look back at 2016 through the lense of Google Search (plus, their video ad is pretty good). More ➜
Drone Surfing

Prediction Time: Social Media 2017

By Brittany: Key takeaway: Instagram will blow Twitter out of the park. Advertisers will follow with more paid posts. Supposedly, Twitter has even seen layoffs. Uh oh, cue Facebook-owned (remember!) Instagram. SnapChat is growing and don't count out Pinterest for leisure travel. More ➜
Miller Lite

Best Guest Targeting: Hotels for Book Lovers

By Hayden: The New York Times assembled this roundup on hotels with unique literary features and connections. Through the winter, travelers may want a cozy place to read a book—whether your property has a robust library or caters to literati, Thinker tribes will appreciate the bookish charms. More ➜
Google 360 Products

Opinion: Is Travel Broken?

By LC: Is modern–day travel broken? According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, we're traveling in record numbers, but are we doing it right? This group of experts suggest Community is the linchpin to bringing back meaningful travel—given it's authored by AirBnB. We don’t buy the argument as presented. More ➜
Torres Del Paine

Travel Journal: Bespoke Team
2016 in Review

A typical year sees Bespoke people all over the US. In 2017 we spoke at conferences in Austin, Palm Beach, San Diego and Grand Rapids, scouted in the Bahamas and the Carolinas and visited with our clients across the country. Nothing enriches like personal travel and Bespoke people ventured to the peaks of Patagonia, Nashville, New York City, Nantucket, Provincetown and Canada's Banff National Park. We can't wait to see where our wanderlust will take us in 2017. (We'll be in Long Beach and Martha's Vineyard in January...)
My Brother's Keeper Mentoring

Presenting Our First "Beverage and Breakfast" Client

By Chumley: One of the country's oldest homes got a full Bespoke marketing makeover: Check out our new site for the Three Chimneys Inn in Durham, New Hampshire. With a full tavern on site, Millennial travelers can enjoy granite details with a carefully–curated local brew. We're especially proud of the Things to Do section.
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